Research Subcommittee FAQs

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1) What do I do in the subcommittee?

You will be under close guidance of our research directors, who will bring you through the analysis of the sectors which we have stated: Commodities, Real Estate, Telecommunication & Banking/Utilities. Expect to look at specific economic climate and how they affect certain sectors such as banking, and the key drivers of the industry. You will also look at companies within the sector and how to value these companies. While there will be some imparting of knowledge from the director, you will definitely be expected to perform your own analysis and well as deliver pieces of work, such as powerpoint presentations or any deliverables your director might demand from you.

2) Why should I join the subcommittee?

The subcommittee gives you a more hands-on, as well as more in-depth approach to learning about investing in certain asset classes. Those that appreciate some rigor in learning will definitely appreciate the opportunity to join the subcommittee. Through learning directly from the director as well as by doing your own analysis, you consolidate knowledge better.  In addition, you can ask the research directors more personal and informal questions with respect to investing, such as how well their portfolios have performed and what is their outlook/strategy. Many of our RDs invest their own money and will be more than willing to share with you their investing experiences, and advice should you wish to start investing yourself.

On a separate note, joining the subcommittee will give you an opportunity to run for the EYE Investment Exco, as you would have ideally gained more investment knowledge through the subcommittee sessions, as well as obtained a better idea of the demands a research position entails. This opens up chances for you to hone your leadership capabilities in one of the largest student clubs in SMU.

 3) Are there any requirements to join the Subcommittee?

There are no hard and fast requirements to joining the subcommittee. While some financial knowledge as well as investment experience will be appreciated, what we are looking out for in our prospective subcommittee members is an openness to learning new things and commitment to the club. We also look out for your ability to analyze information.

Ultimately, everyone starts off as a newbie investor, and as long as you are willing, we are here to help you start off that investment journey by offering our guidance and experiences.

4) How many subcommittee are you taking in?

This year, we have opened up a total of 7 subcommittees, 4 of which are devoted to Fundamental Analysis, and another 3 of which are devoted to Technical Analysis. Each subcommittee has around 6-7 members.

5) What is the commitment like being in the subcommittee?

Being in a subcommittee certainly has a higher level of commitment than a normal member of the club. Ideally, apart from attending the research meetings, you will be required to attend a subcommittee session from 6-7pm every Friday starting from week 5. During these subcommittee meetings, you would either be learning from the research director, or produce deliverables. The exact nature of deliverables will differ from director to director. Nonetheless, expect to do some additional work on the sidelines.

However, we do acknowledge that ultimately, your studies do come first. In the event that you are unable to cope for whatever reason, we are always willing to listen and make concessions.

6) What is the selection process like?

Interested applicants will need to sign up for an interview timeslot on the Google sign up form (link provided in the emailer), along with a 50 word description detailing why they are interested in joining the subcommittee. This will follow with a short interview with several Exco members. Applicants will then be informed of their application status on a later date.

7) What is the interview process like?

This will be a 10-15 min interview with a few of our Research Directors to provide us with the chance to know you better. You may also expect some open ended questions that would require you to analyze and respond accordingly.

 8) What do I need to prepare for the interview?

There will be nothing overly technical within the interviews, thus, rest assured that you do not have to prepare anything in depth. Reading recent financial news and developments worldwide, however might help. Most importantly, be yourself.

9) Can I apply for more than one committee?

You may indicate up to two subcommittees of your choice.

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